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MOOSSE Premium Enameled Cast Iron Skillet Pan 9.4” (24 cm)

MOOSSE Premium Enameled Cast Iron Skillet Pan 9.4” (24 cm)

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  • Premium 100% cast iron skillet, coated with high quality porcelain enamel made of natural minerals.
  • Excellent heat retention and even distribution. Great for stir-frying, braising, boiling, frying, searing and baking.
  • Releases food easily  and protects the cookware from acidic foods and rusting. Does not taint food with metal flavor.
  • Made in Korea. NO arsenic, lead, quicksilver, antimony, cadmium, PTFE, PFOA, PFPA or environmental hormones.
  • No seasoning required.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Up to 30% lighter in weight compared to typical cast iron skillet without compromising functionality.
  • Safe for induction cooktop (Ensure induction burner works with bottom diameter of 7”), gas stove, ceramic cooktop, electric coil and oven. NOT safe for microwave or dishwasher. 

MOOSSE premium cast iron skillet enables you to cook professional cast iron quality food with the ease of everyday cookware. MOOSSE’s superior thin wall casting technology and smart design reduces the weight while keeping the excellent heat conductivity and retention rate. The skillet emits far-infrared rays, causing food to cook from the inside as well as outside. This creates the best texture and flavor while keeping any loss of nutrients to a minimum.

No seasoning or special cleaning is necessary! MOOSSE cookware is coated throughout with high quality vitreous enamel (porcelain) using patented multi-layer coating techniques, resulting in a thin yet durable protective coat. This enamel coat allows food to be released easily and protects the cookware from acidic foods and rusting.



  • diameter: 9.4” (24 cm
  • length with Handle: 15.2” (38.5 cm)
  • bottom diameter: 7” (18 cm)
  • weight 3.7 LB (1.7 kg)

Packaging: packed in individual box

Content: 1 Cast Iron Skillet

Content: Product of Korea

Also known as: Saute pan, Frying Pan

Use & Care

Each piece of MOOSSE cookware is unique as it is individually casted and polished by hand. Some minor visual irregularities are not defects, but part of the unique quality of handmade craftsmanship. 

MOOSSE is premium enamel-coated cast iron cookware. Its usage and care is very different from bare cast iron cookware, and easier as well. Once you get the basics down, you will be able to enjoy the cookware for a long time.

  1. Avoid sudden temperature change.

High quality enamel (porcelain) is used to coat MOOSSE cookware. However, due to the inherent glass-like characteristics of enamel, sudden temperature change can cause thermal shock, resulting in cracks or loss of the enamel coating.

  • Do NOT plunge hot cookware into water or pour a large amount of cold water into hot cookware. Always let the cookware cool first before soaking or cleaning with water.  
  • Do NOT cook a large piece of frozen meat or food in a hot pan. (Thaw before cooking or place in a pan before preheating).  
  • Do NOT overheat. Use low or medium heat except for boiling and high temperature frying
  1. Avoid abrasive tools or harsh handling.

While MOOSSE’s enamel coating is one of the most durable on the market, using abrasive tools and chemicals, or handling harshly, can cause damage to the enamel-coated surface.

  • Do NOT use metal utensils when cooking or abrasive scrubs when washing.
  • Do NOT drop or bang on hard surfaces.
  • Do NOT clean in a dishwasher, as banging can cause cracks to the enamel coating.

WARNING: To avoid burns or injury, use extreme caution. The cookware and its contents can be very hot. Use protective mitts while handling heated cookware. Keep hot cookware away from children.



Before first use

Woo-hoo! No seasoning is necessary. Simply hand wash with soapy water and air-dry.

Heat source

  • Good with gas stove, electric coil, ceramic cooktop, induction cooktop, oven and broiler.
  • Do NOT use in a microwave.
  • Use the proper stovetop size that matches the base of the cookware to avoid overheating or damage. Flames should be confined to base, not around the side walls.
  • When using on a ceramic cooktop, do not slide the cookware as this could damage the surface.

Preheating and Oil

  • Always preheat on low to medium heat, gradually, for best results. (It may take 2-4 minutes depending on the heat source.)
  • Always add your choice of oil or fat AFTER preheating. (When oil is hot enough, you will see gentle ripples on the surface.)  

Heat strength

  • Use low or medium heat for most types of cooking, including stir-frying, searing, and frying. Because of the high heat retention rate of cast iron, low heat is sufficiently strong for most cooking once the cookware is preheated. High heat should only be used for boiling water or stock, or high-heat frying. Using high heat or overheating can cause food to burn or stick.

Oven use

  • MOOSSE cookware is safe to use in the oven up to 500 °F (260 °C).
  • Place the cookware on the rack. Do NOT place the cookware on the floor of the oven as it can overheat, resulting in burned or improperly cooked food.

Tools and handling

  • Avoid metal utensils or electric whisks to protect the enamel-coated surface.
  • Avoid dropping or banging.

Daily Cleaning

  • Hand wash using soap and water just like any other cookware. (No special cleaning is necessary, unlike bare cast iron cookware.)
  • Avoid harsh detergents, bleach, and abrasive brushes, such as steel wool.
  • For long lasting cookware, do NOT clean in the dishwasher. Banging can cause cracks to the enamel coating.
  • Dry completely before storing.  Air-dry or use a cloth to dry. Do NOT use heat to dry.

How to clean stuck or burnt food

To remove stuck or burnt food, let the cookware cool first. Do NOT add water before cooling.

  2. Once cooled, mix baking soda and water into a paste and apply on the burnt surfaces. Scrub vigorously using a non-abrasive sponge or brush. 
  3. Rinse with water and dry before storing.
  5. Once cooled, add water and 4-6 tablespoons of baking soda to the cookware, depending on the size.
  6. Boil on medium heat for 10 minutes. (Ensure there is enough water so it does not burn again.)
  7. Turn off the heat and let sit for at least 1 hour.
  8. Leave the baking soda water in the cookware and scrub vigorously using a non-abrasive scrub or sponge. (If the food burn is very severe, rinse and apply more baking soda, then scrub again.)
  9. Rinse with water and dry before storing.  

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MOOSSE elevates your cooking experience. 

Superior heat channeling

Distributes heat evenly and deeply, and brings out the best flavors from the ingredients while locking in moisture for ideal texture. Emits a large amount of far-infrared rays, which causes food to cook inside and outside. This means food cooks faster and the destruction of nutrients is kept to a minimum.

Lightweight without compromising functionality

Weighs up to 30% less than typical cast iron cookware. Perfectly calibrated and balanced wall thickness, enabled by the world’s most advanced casting technology, makes MOOSSE cookware easy to handle without compromising heat retention or durability.

Easy to use and maintain

No seasoning is required. Cleaning is simple. Patented technology provides an ultra thin yet durable multi-layer coating on both the interior and exterior, preventing food from sticking and protecting the cookware from acidic foods and rusting. Unlike ceramics or stone cookwares, MOOSSE cookware does not absorb detergent, soot, fine dust or other harmful substances.

Works on all heat sources

Works well with all heat sources such as gas stove, ceramic cooktop, electric coil and induction cooktop. It is oven-safe up to 500°F (260°C).  The specially designed bottom ensures it works effectively with induction cooktops.


Great for all types of cooking such as grilling, searing, stir-frying, slow-cooking, braising, boiling, frying, roasting, and baking. From stove to oven to table, one cookware does it all. Provides a beautiful presentation and also keeps the food warm while eating.


Premium quality and purity of raw material

Only high quality iron and minerals are used, with no unnecessary metal or impurities. All raw iron used by MOOSSE is produced by a Korean company, POSCO, one of the best iron and steel mills in the world. The enamel coating features premium quality Belgian vitreous enamel, free from regulated heavy metals.

Free from harmful substances

MOOSSE cookware is free of regulated heavy metal and substances (NO arsenic, lead, quicksilver, antimony, cadmium, PTFE, PFOA, PFPA or environmental hormones). The iron is examined for any impurities before every production. Third party testing is also conducted regularly to ensure the cookware is safe for food.

Advanced technology and superb craftsmanship

MOOSSE cookware is made in Korea with a state-of-the-art production system and technical expertise stemming from nearly 50 years of accumulated experience. Only a handful of foundries in the world have an ability to perform high quality and high precision ultra-thin casting. Each cookware is casted individually in a sand mold and hand polished by a casting master, and is inspected manually under strict quality standards. 

Unique functional beauty

MOOSSE design and aesthetics draws inspiration from ancient Korea. The simple, natural beauty and craftsmanship dates back thousands of years. From ensuring optimal lid and pot weight ratios to a seamless fit of the lid upon closure, it embodies a unique balance between beauty and function. 



Rich Heritage

MOOSSE (“moo-seh”) was born in 2016, founded by Jae-ug Byun. The full story, roots and influence go back much further.  MOOSSE, which means “cast iron” in Korean, was first sparked when Jae-ug was a young boy playing with scraps of cast iron metal at his father’s foundry. His father, Il-goo Byun, had started a humble business in 1973 recycling scrap metals. By the 90’s, Daehan Special Metal Co., Ltd. was recognized as one of the top foundries in all of Korea.  

By 1998, Jae-ug had taken over the company and continued the now 46 years of metal expertise and production his father had begun. With the advanced casting technology they developed, Daehan produced cast iron components for automobiles, ships, and industrial uses that require the highest quality and precision. Daehan has supplied Hyundai, Kia, Rolls-Royce, and General Electric, among other manufacturers.  

Success in the world of metals forged much of Jae-ug’s passion and vision, but he also greatly loved cooking which drew him to cast iron cookware. He would find himself wandering the kitchen section of stores, like it was fate calling to him. Years later, MOOSSE made his dream a reality, bringing the beauty and deep tradition of Korean cookware to the world, forged from the finest materials and latest technology.  

East Meets West in Superior Cookware

When the family metal expertise became fused with a love of cookware, Jae-ug soon recognized that there were no nationally recognized cast-iron cookware brands in Korea. Modern, light cookware had replaced the traditional, heavy, and often very large Korean cauldrons, called Gamasots. This was not surprising, as cast iron can be difficult to use; along with its weight, it requires constant maintenance. 

But then he had a creative idea: What if cutting edge technology combined with years of metal expertise could produce a cast iron cookware that is lighter and user-friendly, yet features the age-old Gamasot strength and durability? Enter MOOSSE which solves this problem with advanced coating techniques and superior thin-wall casting technology. MOOSSE drew from Meehanite casting engineering, a unique and exact cast iron processing method born in the West and dating back 95 years.  Daehan had improved upon it with the family’s own long experience and techniques.  

MOOSSE united this technology and engineering of the West with the deep and beautiful Korean tradition, design and craftsmanship that dates back over two thousand years. It’s a beautiful synergy between East and West, resulting in a one-of-a-kind cast iron cookware for every kitchen in the world.

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