About Us

We are crazy about good korean food and sharing it with people.  Simply put, we do not sell anything that we would not use ourselves.  Our journey to provide high quality Korean food and ingredients hasn’t been easy in an industry where manufacturers are often pressured to cut costs by adding chemicals to enhance flavors and prolong shelf life.  Nevertheless, we are committed to continue our efforts in creating delicious and whole Korean foods. 

So, we need your help. Do you like our stuff? Please spread the word. Do you see something not working? Let us know!  We’d love all your good, bad and crazy ideas to make our products better. Please give us a shout at: shop@crazykoreancooking.com





Our Story 

Crazy Korean Cooking was founded by a small team of family and friends who simply wanted to share their love of Korean food.  We wanted people to experience good, authentic Korean food, the kind our moms and grandmothers made using wholesome ingredients.  What we often saw, outside of Korea, was food labeled “Korean” yet the real resemblance was dim.  

So we began by simply sharing some family recipes online (http://crazykoreancooking.com).  Soon, though, we realized that high quality Korean ingredients and cookware were not available to the average North American.  We thought, “Why not make them available ourselves?”  Shortly after, our company was born. 

This was the spark that ignited the heart of our vision, which quickly grew to include not only authentic Korean recipes, ingredients and products, but also a passion to highlight the Korean traditions and culture from which they all sprung.  How do we intend to accomplish all this?  Here are our main goals and values:

  • We aim to educate people about Korean cooking, food and culture.  
  • We provide easy access to authentic and high quality Korean products.  
  • We enable Korean artisans and manufacturers who create great products to be discovered and appreciated.  
  • We also believe strongly in valuing our employees, supporting our community and local charities, and contributing to the ongoing betterment of the world that we all share.