MOOSSE Premium Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Collection


Professional Quality Cast Iron Cookware for Everyday Cooking

No seasoning or special cleaning is necessary! 

NO arsenic, lead, quicksilver, antimony, cadmium, PTFE, PFOA, PFPA or environmental hormones

MOOSSE premium enameled cast iron cookware enables you to cook professional cast iron quality food with the ease of everyday cookware. MOOSSE’s superior thin wall casting technology and smart design reduces the weight while maintaining the excellent heat conductivity and retention rate. No seasoning or special cleaning is necessary! MOOSSE cookware is coated throughout with high quality vitreous enamel (porcelain) using patented multi-layer coating techniques, resulting in a thin yet durable protective coat. This enamel coat allows food to be released easily and protects the cookware from acidic foods and rusting.