Wholesale Account Terms and Conditions

The undersigned (“Purchaser”) agrees that all purchases made by Purchaser from CK Living LLC (“Seller”) are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. No products shall be re-sold on Amazon.com without the consent of the seller.
  2. All amounts due for goods and services purchased from Seller are payable check, bank deposit (ACH or wire transfer) or credit card prior to shipment (unless your credit is approved by our credit evaluation process.)
  3. The method of shipping is UPS Ground or freight for pallet shipping, and free shipping promotion or flat rate shipping offer is not available for the purchase.
  4. Purchaser shall pay seller a service charge in an amount of US thirty five dollars (USD $35.00) per check for all checks returned by purchaser’s bank: provided, however, that such service charge shall not be due and payable in the event such payment would result in the violation on the usury laws of the applicable jurisdiction.
  5. In the event of purchase’s default in payment, Purchaser agrees to pay all collection costs, attorney’s fees, actually incurred by Seller, whether or not a lawsuit is filed, and further consents to personal jurisdiction in a state or Federal court in New Jersey.   Purchaser verifies that all information furnished to seller is true and authorizes appropriate entities to release verifying information to seller or its agents from time to time.  
  6. Seller warrants that Seller’s goods are free of defect in material workmanship and are edible when shipped, unless such warranty is excluded.   When a breach under this limited warranty is shown, Seller shall replace the goods involved.   This limited warranty is the only warranty provided with respect to Seller’s goods, whether expressed or implied, and the remedy for breach thereof shall be limited to that specifically provided herein.   Upon receipt of delivery of Seller’s goods, Purchaser shall immediately inspect the products and promptly notify Seller of any defect within seven (7) calendar days after the delivery date will constitute a waiver by customer of any and all remedies of otherwise available under this limited warranty or laws.   Purchaser shall safeguard all claimed defective products pending written authorization from Seller to return or ship the products to a place which shall be designated by Seller.
  7. All promises of shipment or delivery are approximated as closely as possible by Seller but are subject to weather conditions, fires, strikes, disputes with workman, floods, accidents, embargoes, delay in transportation, mechanical breakdowns, shortages of fuel, water or other materials, shortages of labor, action by any government agency, and to any other cause beyond reasonable control of Seller.  In no event will Seller assume any responsibility for delays in shipments or delivery.  
  8. All sales are made pursuant to these terms and conditions.   All orders are received with the understanding that they are placed under these terms and conditions.