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The complete bapsang package serves 2-3 meals for 2 people (4 soup/stews, 2 main dishes, 6 bowls of rice, and 4åÊside dishes). Rice IS included in this package.

Korean Bapsang includes your choice of soup/stew and main dishes, rice, and pre-fixed side dishes.
  • Package includes 2 servings of 1 soupåÊandåÊ1 stew (4 soups and stews in total), 2 servings of 1 choice of main dish (2 main dishes in total), 6 bowls of white short grain rice, 4åÊside dishes.åÊ
  • All items are made fresh and then frozen for shipping.
  • All dishes are fully cooked and frozen. Just defrost and follow the reheating instructions on the label.
  • No chemical additives. All dishesåÊare naturally gluten-free.
  • Made with Wholly Gochujang, Doenjang or Ganjang (premium gluten-free), naturally fermented by Artisan Uk Kang.

What's Included
Soup / Stew selectionsåÊare:
1. Spicy beef & Radish Soup, SOGOGI MU GUK “ ΐ_ʐü¡‘«?µ_
åÊSpicy, hearty soup for dinner? You will be surprised how well Korean radishes go with this spicy beef broth. Pair it with rice, kimchi and roasted seaweed. Mmmm. Heaven.
2. Spicy Soft Tofu Stew, SOONDUBU JJIGAE “öϑԐ‘¦Û “¡ΐ¡Ï
Delicious and hearty stew. A robust and flavorful combination of beef andåÊvegetables in a clam & anchovy broth and the spicy seasoning is beautifully contrasted by the softness of soondubu ("extra soft tofu"). Soondubu jjigae can easily be a complete meal when served with a bowl of rice.
3.åÊSeaweed Soup, MIYEOK GUK ‘øü“Ñ_?µ_
Koreans eat miyeokguk on birthdays as well as for regular meals. Miyeokguk is also the #1 postpartum food in Korea because of its amazing health benefits. Koreans eat miyeokguk on birthdays to remember mothers' hard work in giving birth and raising their children.
4.åÊKimchi Stew with Pork, DWEJI GOGI KIMCHI JJIGAE ‘?_“¤ې_ʐü¡ ?_ۓ_÷“¡ΐ¡Ï
Kimchi Stew is one of the most loved dishes in Korea. Even when you don't have much appetite, this is sure to fix it. You'll have no problem finishing a big bowl of rice with Kimchi Stew!
5.åÊBaby Cabbage Soybean Paste Soup, WOOGEOJI GUK “_¡?±¡“¤ېµ_
Delicious and light dish served widely inåÊKorean homes. åÊWoogeoji Guk is very soothing for your stomach. åÊBaby cabbage and Korean radish in a anchovy broth with a light soybean flavor fills you up with full of nutrition.
6.åÊSoybean Paste Stew, DOENJANG JJIGAE ‘?ϓ_´“¡ΐ¡Ï
Doenjang Jjigae is a staple in Korean traditional meals. The earthy flavor of soybean paste is fused with hearty vegetables like Korean radish and zucchini. The stew is perfected by robust yet soft tofu. Doenjang Jjigae complements many great meat and fish dishes such as bulgogi, galbi and grilled fish.

Main dish selectionsåÊare:
1.åÊBeef Bulgogiå? Α¦ö?_ʐü¡
One of the most traditional and iconic Korean dishes. The sweet and savory sirloin gets its depth of flavor from a long dip in soy sauce-based marinade.
2.åÊGalbi, Beef Short Ribs ?¡ö‘_ã
Marinated beef short ribs are a staple of Korean BBQ. Our soy sauce-based recipe has a long marinating time to ensure deep flavor when cooked. One bite and you'll know why an eat-with-your-hands dish is considered luxurious.
3.åÊSpicy Chicken Bulgogi ‘Ü_‘¦ö?_ʐü¡
Chicken that packs a punch! The boneless dark meat is juicy and flavorful. The dish's heat comes from gochujang, a hot pepper paste, that's balanced by a touch of sweetness and the umami king ‰ÛÓ soy sauce.
4.åÊBraised Chicken, Jjim Dakå?¡ϑÜ_
Chicken Stew 2.0. Chicken drumsticks are simmered bone-in to add greater depth of flavor to the potatoes, carrots, and perfectly chewy glass noodles. Robust, sweet, and savory ‰ÛÓ with just a hint of spice.
5.åÊNakji Bokkeum, Spicy Stir-fried Small Octopus ‘⪓¤ۑ_¦“?Î
Fresh octopus stands up to the heat of gochugaru (Korean hot pepper flakes). The addition of fish sauce pumps up the umami volume and adds a deep savory note. If you love seafood and spice, this dish is for you.
6. Spicy Pork Bulgogi ‘?_“¤ۑ¦ö?_ʐü¡
The gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste) is central to this recipe's heat, but the addition of ginger prevents the pork from tasting too gamey when cooked. The savory, spicy result is sure to convert even those who usually prefer chicken or beef.
Side dishes are:
1.åÊPan-fried Anchovies, Myeolchi Bokkeum ‘©ü“_÷‘_¦“?Î
Sweet and salty at its best. These tiny, crispy anchovies have a more subtle fishy flavor once cooked. A little bit goes a long way, but the salty bite is a welcome punch of flavor during your meal.

2.åÊSeasoned Dried Shredded Squid, Ojinguhchae-muchim ‘¤ö‘´ü “÷_“¤¥“Ы“±ã ‘«“_¬
A unique, spicy seafood dish with great texture from the dried squid. The spicy gochujang (hot pepper paste) is tempered by the mulyeot (Korean malt syrup).
3. Chwinamul Muchim, Aster Scaberå?ᬑâ÷‘Â_ ‘«“_¬
Chwinamul has a complex, bittersweet flavor that's enhanced with the addition of soy sauce and sesame oil. The earthy vegetable offers a mild and mellow break from the heat.

4. Braised Lotus Root, Yeongeun Jorimå?ѡ?á_“Á¡‘__
Texture of beautiful lotus root is a welcome surprise, and the sweet and salty braise gives it a delicious complexity. Perfect way to try an exotic vegetable.

6 bowls of white short grain rice

*Contains: Soybeans

*Processed in a facility that also processes wheat & shellfish

Main Dishes

  • Beef Bulgogi -
    • Serving size: 8oz
    • Ingredients:åÊBeef (Sirloin), Water, Onion, Sugar, non-GMO Gluten-free Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Salt), Bosc pear, Green Onion, Mushroom, Carrot, Rice Wine, Sesame Oil, Kiwi, Garlic, Ginger, Canola Oil, Sesame Seeds, Black Pepper.
  • Galbi, Beef Short Ribs -åÊ
    • Serving Size:åÊ9oz
    • Ingredients:åÊBeef Short Ribs, Water, non-GMO Gluten-free Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Salt), Sugar, Onion, Mushroom, Carrot, Green Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Bosc Pear, Kiwi, Rice Wine, Black Pepper, Sesame Oil, Sesame Seeds.
  • Spicy Chicken BulgogiåÊ-
    • Serving Size: 9oz
    • Ingredients:åÊChicken (Boneless Legs and Thighs), Gluten-free Gochujang (Brown Rice Syrup, Water, Soybeans, Hot Pepper Powder, Glutinous Rice, Tomato, Sea Salt, Spirits), Onion, Sugar, Gochugaru (Hot Pepper Flakes), non-GMO Gluten-free Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Salt), Rice Wine, Green Onion,åÊ Carrot, Mushroom, Garlic, Ginger, Canola Oil, Sesame Oil, Black Pepper, Sesame Seeds.
  • Braised Chicken, Jjim Dak -
    • Serving Size: 15oz
    • Ingredients:åÊChicken (Drumstick and Thigh), Glass Noodles (Sweet Potato Starch, Water), Potato, Carrot, Green Onion, Onion, non-GMO Gluten-free Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Salt), Sugar, Rice Wine, Garlic, Potato Starch, Ginger, Dried Red Chili Pepper, Black Pepper.
  • Spicy Stir-fried Octopus, Nakji Bokkeum -åÊ
    • Serving Size: 11oz
    • Ingredients:åÊSmall Octopus, Onion, Green Onion, Carrot, Gochugaru (Hot Pepper Flakes), Garlic, non-GMO Gluten-free Soy Sauce, Green Chili Pepper, Red Chili Pepper, Sesame Oil, Sesame Seeds, Anchovy Fish Sauce, Malt Syrup, Sugar, Black Pepper.
  • Spicy Pork BulgogiåÊ-
    • Serving Size: 9oz
    • Ingredients:åÊPork Belly, Gluten-free Gochujang (Brown Rice Syrup, Water, Soybeans, Hot Pepper Powder, Glutinous Rice, Tomato, Sea Salt, Spirits), Onion, Sugar, Gochugaru (Hot Pepper Flakes), non-GMO Gluten-free Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Salt), Rice Wine, Green Onion, Carrot, Mushroom, Garlic, Ginger, Canola Oil, Sesame Oil, Black Pepper, Sesame Seeds.


  • Spicy Beef & Radish Soup, Sogogi Mu Guk -
    • Serving Size: 13oz
    • Ingredients:åÊWater, Korean Radish, Beef (Flank), Soybean Sprouts, Green Onion, Sesame Oil, Garlic, Sea Salt, Organic Gochugaru (Hot Pepper Flakes), Black Pepper
  • Spicy Soft Tofu Stew, Soondubu Jjigae -
    • Serving Size: 15oz
    • Ingredients:åÊExtra Soft Tofu (Water, Soybeans, Magnesium Chloride), Water, Gray Squash, Onion, Beef (Flank), Top Neck Clams, Green Onion, Kelp, Sea Salt, Sesame Oil, Anchovies, Garlic, Organic Gochugaru (Hot Pepper Flakes), Green Chili Pepper, Red Chili Pepper, Black Pepper
  • Seaweed Soup, Miyeok Guk -
    • Serving Size: 13oz
    • Ingredients:åÊWater, Beef, Sea Mustard (Miyeok), Garlic, Salt, Sesame Oil, Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Salt), Rice Flour
  • Kimchi Stew With Pork, Dweji Gogi Kimchi Jjigae -
    • Serving Size: 14oz
    • Ingredients:åÊWater, Kimchi (Napa Cabbage, Korean Radish, Coarse Sea Salt, Glutinous Rice Flour, Hot Pepper Flakes, Anchovy Fish Sauce [Anchovy, Sea Salt], Shrimp Fish Sauce [Wild-Caught Shrimp, Salt], Green Onion, Sugar, Garlic, Ginger), Pork Neck, Vegetable Oil, Green Onion, Salt, Organic Gochugaru, Garlic
  • Baby Cabbage Soybean Paste Soup, Woogeoji Guk
    • Serving Size: 14oz
    • Ingredients:åÊWater, Baby Cabbage, Korean Radish, Green Onion, Soybean Paste (Soybean, Water, Salt), Anchovies, Sesame Oil, Sea Salt, Garlic, Organic Gochugaru (Hot Pepper Flakes), Glutinous Rice Flour, Black Pepper
  • Soybean Paste Stew, Doenjang Jjigae
    • Serving Size: 10.5oz
    • Ingredients:åÊWater, Soft Tofu (Water, Soybeans, Magnesium Chloride), Korean Radish, Gray Squash, Onion, Soybean Paste (Soybeans, Water, Salt), Potato, Garlic, Green Onion, Dried Anchovies, Green Chili Pepper, Red Chili Pepper, Kelp, Organic Gochugaru (Hot Pepper Flakes).


    • Seasoned Dried Shredded Squid -
      • Serving Size: 3.5oz
      • Ingredients:åÊDried Shredded Squid, Gluten-free Gochujang (Brown Rice Syrup, Water, Soybeans, Hot Pepper Powder, Glutinous Rice, Tomato, Sea Salt, Spirits), Sugar, Garlic, Malt Syrup, Sesame Seeds, Canola Oil.
      • Pan-fried Anchovies, Myeolchi Bokkeum -
        • Serving Size: 2.5oz
        • Ingredients:åÊDried Fine Anchovy, non-GMO Gluten-free Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Salt), Malt Syrup, Garlic, Sesame Seeds, Canola Oil, Rice Wine.
        • Aster Scaber, Chwinamul Muchim -
          • Serving Size: 2.5oz
          • Ingredients:åÊAster Scaber, non-GMO Gluten-free Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Salt), Green Onion, Sesame Oil, Sesame Seeds, Garlic, Sea Salt.
          • Braised Lotus Root, Yeongun Jorim -
            • Serving Size: 4.5oz
            • Ingredients:åÊLotus Root, non-GMO Gluten-free Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Salt), Water, Sugar, Malt Syrup, Sesame Seeds.



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            Packed inåÊBPA-free, microwave safe plastic containers.
            Shipped refrigerated withåÊdry iceåÊin an insulated box.åÊ

            Always keep frozen. Thaw in the refrigerator the day before eating. Refrigerate any left overs immediately.
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            Consume withinåÊ2 weeksåÊfrom the delivery date for best flavor.
            Once defrosted, consume within 2-7 days depending on the item.

            OriginåÊProduct of USA

            Also known asåÊKorean meal, jeongsik, “¤ԑ¡´

            We designed our Korean BapsangåÊso that you can enjoyåÊauthentic and delicious Korean foodåÊat home hassle-free. OuråÊfood is made withåÊwholesome ingredients that have no chemical additives like MSG.


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