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Seriously Korean is a collection of authentic fermented sauces (“Jang” in Korean) for traditional Korean cooking. Now you can enjoy delicious Korean food at home hassle-free! These sauces can also greatly enhance the flavors of non-Korean foods like soups, stews, stir-fries, BBQ and even salad dressings. Many top chefs around the world are already using Korean jang to refine their dishes with a creative twist.

Seriously Korean sauces consist of 100% natural ingredients with no chemical preservatives or additives. All Seriously Korean sauces are also gluten-free and unpasteurized to preserve beneficial bacteria. Since bacteria can be destroyed when jang is cooked, use Seriously Korean for dipping sauces or vegetable seasonings in order to benefit from its probiotics.

Jang refers to the whole collection of fermented sauces central to Korean cooking. Among the host of traditional jangs are gochujang (hot pepper paste), doenjang (soybean paste), and ganjang (soy sauce). They are essential ingredients for soups, stews, marinades and dipping sauces, and are sometimes used in combination. One could not over-emphasize the importance of jang in Korean cuisine. According to ancient Korean wisdom, “If the taste of jang changes, the household will perish.” Jang is the cornerstone Korean ingredient, directing the overall taste of most Korean dishes. Great jang is highly dependent on the quality of its ingredients, as well as the fermentation method, conditions and duration.

Many Korean sauces in the market are claiming to be Korean, but often they are not. Seriously Korean sauces are made by a Korean jang artisan to bring authentic flavors of Korea to your home!

Seriously Korean Sauces contain no chemical preservatives or flavor enhancers. Unlike many factory-made Korean sauces, Seriously Korean sauces are unpasteurized to preserve beneficial bacteria.

Seriously Korean Sauces enable you to prepare delicious Korean dishes with no hassle. They all come in easy-to-use BPA-free squeeze bottles for your convenience.

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