We have carefully curated a line of products that are chemical-free and made with care. Many items are sourced directly from Korean artisans and Korean companies. Our new line of CKC Minis allows you to purchase smaller versions of these items before committing to a full-size.   

More About CKC Minis

  1. The CKC Minis are smaller sizes of our authentic Korean products.
  2. The portions are sized for 1 to 2 servings.
  3. The Minis allow you to try new dishes without having to buy large bottles and packages of every ingredient.
  4. Though smaller in size, the Minis still contain the same high-quality, authentic products as their larger versions.
  5. Love your Mini? Upgrade to the full-size portion next time!


Dried Fish & Vegetables



Oil, Vinegar & Syrup

Rice, Nuts and Legumes

Sauces & Condiments

Spices & Seasoning