DIY Kits

When the Park sisters founded Crazy Korean Cooking, they were missing mom's cooking. This craving became the cornerstone of their business: to bring the home-cooked, authentic, wholesome staples of Korean cuisine to North America. The prepared foods cut time without cutting flavor.

The CKC kitchen is two things above all: authentic and squeaky clean. Each ingredient is thoroughly inspected and handled with care. The food has no chemical additives, and common eating restrictions — gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan — are a priority when developing menu items. Quality over cost, always.

How It Works

  1. You pick your DIY Kit of choice.
  2. We pre-measure and package the ingredients.
  3. We ship the kit to your door.
  4. You get to work using our detailed recipe guide.
  5. Any questions along the way? You also have full access to all the tutorial videos and articles on our website.  

Vegan options available.

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